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By Bayside Insurance, Sep 14 2016 06:50PM

Go outside and stand in your yard.

While you’re out there, take a good look at all the trees in your yard and examine each and every limb.

Do you see any limbs higher in the tree that appear to be dead? You will want to look for the limbs that don’t appear to hold any leaves and are obviously not as vibrant as the other limbs.

Now, look lower in the tree for the same offending limbs and examine the trunk for any sign of termite damage or other decay. This will consist of loose bark and even dark brown spotting throughout the trunk.

A seasonal examination should be done often due to the extreme storms we see along the Gulf Coast.

Think about the forceful wind blowing through your yard full of trees and understand that the dead limbs, high or low, will be the first to fall to the ground. The danger and risk of injury arise when the limbs fall on your home or anyone who may be in your yard at the time of the wind occurrence.

Protect your home, your friends, and your family by having a tree surgeon prune your trees today; or there are many tutorials you can watch on YouTube that provide tips on trimming only the lower branches.

We cannot stress enough the safety in trimming your own trees--do not ever use a ladder to trim tree branches or attempt to reach higher branches. Always use a trained tree expert for larger branches and anything you cannot reach with a hand pruning tool.

One last homeowner tip we’d like to share is that the trees in your yard will thank you for an annual trimming as they grow more vibrant and stay healthier while they are cared for over time.

By Bayside Insurance, Aug 30 2016 06:18PM

If you’ve lived on the Gulf Coast for less than ten years, your hurricane tracking skills could be a little rusty. We have not sustained a direct hit, or even an indirect hit, in over ten years. Bayside Insurance wants our customers to enjoy the leisure’s of living on the Gulf Coast but to also keep their map reading skills sharp in case of a tropical event.

In a video released to the public this week, local meteorologist, Alan Seals, reviews the tropics and how to track tropical weather. Call us to verify your coverage.

By Bayside Insurance, Aug 12 2016 11:01PM

Bayside has joined the efforts to raise funds and fight back against breast cancer. If you’re not familiar with this worthy case, Bras for the Cause is a non-profit organization located throughout various international cities.

This year, the event will take place on October 6th at The Locale, 4128 Government Street, Mobile, Alabama.

Area businesses will sponsor and donate decorated bras for our local businessmen to model—that’s right, our male models will take this auction to another level. Who doesn’t love a little comedy for a good and serious cause? Tickets include dinner for two, two drink tokens and a show you’ll be sure to remember.

All proceeds go to the local women fighting breast cancer

By Bayside Insurance, Aug 1 2016 09:07PM

Certain locations in Baldwin County do require anyone renting a home to also purchase renters insurance, but the rule leaves renters asking many questions that only a qualified insurance agent can answer.

There are two common questions that agents answer, they are what coverage can I expect to get from renter’s insurance and how much can I expect to pay?

The following video may help answer these common questions for you.

We also invite you to stop into one of our three friendly locations to consult with one of our highly qualified insurance agents. We can get you the best price for the best coverage in Lower Alabama. Contact us today!

By Bayside Insurance, Jul 12 2016 03:54PM

Have you filed a claim for stolen property on your boat? Have you had an accident that required a claim filed to repair the damage?

These are common reasons to file, according to the United States Boating Association, and we are here to help protect you from making these filings.

Bayside wants you to have the information you need to have a safe and fun day out on our Gulf Coast waters. Please watch this video to find out more and contact us for all your boat insurance questions and needs.

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